All of Panama is a hiker's paradise and Boca Chica is no exception!

Boy Hiking


Right out the back-door of the resort, you can go yourself or with one of our guides, on the trail and experience of your choosing. If searching for tranquility and a relaxing stroll, there are numerous country roads in the area which provide you with great exposure to the local countryside, vegetation, stunning views, wildlife, and birds.

For the more adventurous, a very popular route is to hike over to Boca Brava, the large island across from Boca Chica, and stroll through maintained trails in the jungle where hikers almost always spot Howler Monkeys screaming down at them from the tree tops. Guests get to Boca Brava (or any of the many local islands) either by powering themselves on one of our ocean kayaks, or by being escorted on one of our boats.



Zip Lining


This breathtaking 3.5 kilometers journey offered through Boquete Tree Trek takes thrill seekers to 14 different platforms via 12 zip lines while flying through the jungle canopy. Suspended by sturdy harnesses, riders are whisked along the cables and they travel from one platform to the next, Enjoy magnificent views of cascades, the Volcan Baru and exotic birds.

The adventure allows the brave at heart to experience the heights of the rainforest treetops while marveling at the beautiful scenery below. This is one of the top activities in Boquete and in the whole Panama!



Hanging Bridge Tour


Boquete Tree Trek Hanging Bridges Tour is a unique opportunity to enjoy from a different perspective the biodiversity of the tropical cloud forest of Panama. This circuit of 8 suspension bridges is within the private forest reserve Rio Cristal, located in the Talamanca Mountain Range bordering La Amistad International Park. You will be accompanied by a local guide who will share with you the lush flora and fauna of our forests in their natural habitat.

The Hanging Bridges Tour is one of a kind - The only organized system of walkways in Panama, full of adrenaline and adventure, perfect for both children and adults. Enjoy breathtaking views of rivers, waterfalls and the towering Volcan Baru.