Scuba Diving in the Gulf of Chiriqui: An experience as beautiful below the water as it is above!

Scuba Diving

The Gulf of Chriqui in the Pacific Ocean here in Boca Chica is scattered with dozens of small to medium sized tropical islands-all a short boat ride from our private dock. The scuba-diving is particularly terrific around two of these local islands; Isla Secas and Isla Ladrones, where the water is clearest and the sea life is at its richest.

Our clients rave about the diving experiences around these islands where the visibility in these unspoiled waters can be up to 30 Meters! Our local PADI certified dive master, Carlos Spragge, has many years of experience diving in these waters and provides day or half-day trips to either of these two destinations. Our chefs prepare your food and drinks for the day and then it’s off to explore ‘the world below’ typically departing from the Seagull Cove Resort dock around 7:00am and returning in the late afternoon.


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