Enjoy fine dining in our ocean view restaurant with a breathtaking view of the Gulf of Chiriqui and it's beautiful tropical islands


The dining experience at Seagull Cove Resort is widely acknowledged as the best there is in all of Boca Chica. Our chefs and bartenders are professionals who have but one focus - your enjoyment and pleasure during your stay at our resort! Our chefs are local to Panama and regularly attend culinary schools and intern at other, high-end restaurants to ensure that their skills and imagination live up to the most critical of our clients’ expectations for the finest dining experience.

Having a drink, anywhere on the resort property, is one of our guest's most favorite pastimes at the resort. This is due both to the spectacular settings and vistas available at all times of the day, coupled with the magic that our lead bartender delights in providing to his customers. So please, come join us for a margarita or mojito at our ocean view restaurant!


Our menu offers both a unique blend of local dishes and international favorites with something for every taste. Fresh fish and seafood is delivered daily to the resort by the local fishermen (Boca Chica is a fishing village!) creating a wonderfully fresh and unpredictable dining experience. Our meats are the best that either local or U.S. sources can deliver and we shop twice a week to ensure that everything is fresh and ready for your enjoyment. Fresh fruit in Panama is about as good as it gets anywhere and is abundant on our menu.

Our vegetables come from our own property farm or from the local sustainable farms high in the mountains of Chiriqui. At the Tiki Bar we have excellent choices of fresh meals along with your favorite cold beverage or mixed drink.



Our ocean view restaurant sits high on the hillside overlooking the Pacific and the stunning islands that make up the beautiful Chiriqui Gulf - it doesn’t get much better from a setting and view standpoint - anywhere! If you want something much less formal, but equally spectacular, you can enjoy a more casual meal at our Tiki Bar which sits above the Pacific at the end of our (500) foot dock. From here, you are literally right on the water and our clients often enjoy seeing the local fish, rays, and turtles swimming right around them!

Tropical Drink


  • Breakfast: 7:30 am - 9:30 am 

  • Lunch: 12pm - 2:00 pm 

  • Dinner: 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

* It’s Panama, and you’re on vacation if our chefs and bartender are around outside of these hours-we’re going to take good care of you! 

Please also visit our Tiki Bar, which is open to the public Saturdays 6:00 pm to midnight.