Welcome to Boca Chica, on the Gulf of Chiriqui, Panama!

Gulf of Chiriqui



Seagull Cove Resort is located in a stunning setting within a beautiful cove overlooking the Gulf of Chiriqui. The resort is a one hour drive from David, Panama’s second largest city and less than a mile from the small fishing village of Boca Chica.

The resort is located on the edge of the mainland, on a hillside overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean and a National Marine Park which includes over one hundred nearby islands, most with gorgeous, secluded beaches for you to visit.

Getting to our resort is getting easier everyday as the major highways in Panama continue to improve/are redone and the local, completely renovated airport receives more traffic from both national and international carriers.

Map of Panama


While there are many ways to get to Seagull Cove Resort, most of our clients choose to fly into the Enrique Malek Airport in David (DAV) from Panama City’s Tocumen International Airport (PTY). This is a 45 min. flight that enables one to see both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and all of the central mountains in the country. Tocumen is the ‘Hub of the Americas’ and receives direct flights from major transportation centers around the world. There are currently two carriers flying between David and Panama City; Copa Airlines and Air Panama. Copa Airlines is an international carrier and member of the Star Alliance and Air Panama is the national carrier. Both offer several flights per day between Panama’s two major cities.

Once in David, to get to Seagull Cove Resort, you can rent a car, take a taxi, take a bus, hire a private car, take a boat or do something a bit more exciting:


All of the international and local car rental companies are at Enrique Malek Airport. Once in your car, it takes about (10) minutes to get to the Inter-American Higway (newly redone to be four lanes!). Once on the ‘highway’ you drive about (25) miles towards Panama City (if you turn left, you’ll be in Costa Rica in about (30) minutes!). There you find the intersection for Horconcitos, where you make a right turn to head to the ocean and Boca Chica (passing through the town of Horconcitos). It’s about a (20) minute drive to Boca Chica and there are signs all along this road to guide you both to the town and Seagull Cove Resort.


Many of our guests have us arrange for them to be picked up at Enrique Malek Airport in a private shuttle or you can simply grab one of the many taxis available outside of the airport. This ride will take a little over an hour and cost you about $50. Any of these drivers will know the way to Boca Chica and our resort.


For the little more adventurous that want to experience truly local travel, we have all the information you need to get here (almost to our front door..). Please call or email us for information on public transportation.


Some of our guests want to get on the water right away and don’t want to wait for the hour drive to us. You can grab a taxi at the airport and take the (5) minute drive to the Pedregal Marina where we can have a water taxi there waiting to pick you up. Then you are on about a (45) minute ride through the estuaries with their stunning array of plant and animal/bird life right to our private dock at the resort. Again, please call or email ahead for us to arrange this exciting travel alternative for you.

Oh, for the ‘bit more exciting’ option…

Seaplane Panama



Our friends at Seaplanes Panama (www.seaplanespanama.com ) will greet you as you leave baggage claim at Enrique Malek, take you on the short drive over to their hangar and then wisk you off for the less than (15) ride to our resort.  

Enjoy absolutely breathtaking scenic views as you fly along the ocean and islands at low altitude only to end with an unforgettable water landing in our cove and taxi over to our private beach or dock where our staff will be waiting for you.

Arriving by seaplane is about as good as it gets! Ideal group size for this experience is between 2-4 guests. To arrange, please contact either us or Seaplanes Panama directly for pricing and availability.