Explore the nearby private white sand islands!

Island Hopping



Our clients love spending the day, or a few hours, exploring one of the many nearby islands in the Gulf of Chiriqui. These islands have stunning white sand beaches, spectacular water for swimming or snorkeling and are your own piece of tropical paradise for your relaxation or adventure.


Imagine yourself in this setting, under the swaying palm trees, swimming in the crystal clear waters and enjoying food and drinks which our staff has prepared for you. The islands contain lush tropical vegetation and flowers...and plenty of coconuts which make for the perfect tropical vacation photo!

Island Palm Trees



These islands are uninhabited, so you will typically have this piece of paradise to yourselves to enjoy as you wish. There are many islands nearby, so spend as long as you like at each and then our captain will take you to the next. Our private boat takes you out from our dock and returns when you have had enough fun and pleasure for one day.


With our island hopping tours, often the journey is as exciting as the destination...guests can expect to see local wildlife including dolphins, whales and turtles as you move through the tranquil waters to your island destination. These spots are simply spectacular and are what make your trip to Panama truly unforgettable!


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