Excitement & adventure await you on the water, in the mountains and in the jungle!

We want you to relax and play in paradise at our full-service resort located directly on the tranquil, unspoiled beaches of Chiriqui's Gulf Coast. As you can see from our list below, you can do as much (or as little) as your interests and energy allow. We have multiple activities for everyone. And, when you are done with your day’s excursion, our staff will be waiting to pamper you, whether it be in our restaurant, at the Tiki Bar, at the poolside, down at the ocean deck or beach or quietly in your private bungalow retreat. Learn more about our many activities: 

Additional Ways to Explore Boca Chica's Natural Beauty


One of the favorite activities of our guests is to take one of our kayaks, or (for the more adventurous) stand-up paddle boards out for their own private tour of the Chiriqui gulf. We outfit our guests in the latest equipment and help them launch right from our dock or beach. It’s a great way to see the sights, visit other local resorts, get a great work-out (and sun tan!) and enjoy the Pacific Ocean.



Sure, you can go out all day into the big blue ocean to world-renowned fishing spots and spend the day chasing (and catching) giant yellow tuna, marlins and such, but if a calmer fishing day, closer to home is in order, we’ve got that nicely covered as well. We will take you up into the many miles of mangrove covered local estuary on one of our boats and you can spend as much or as little time pursuing your passion (or new interest) in a tropical wonderland of your own!



Nothing like enjoying a relaxing massage in the comfort of our ocean view bungalows. We believe massage reconnects mind and spirit with the body and increases awareness and well being. Here at Seagull Cove Resort, outdoor massages also connect you with nature. 



The very best way to enjoy a Boca Chica sunset! Hop on our boat Seagull Two for an hour long scenic evening cruise. Enjoy a glass of wine or beer while watching the romantic sunset and taking in the views of the surrounding nature.



While it is true that the Resort’s ‘front yard’ with the Pacific Ocean and beautiful islands is a tropical paradise, our ‘backyard’ in the teak forests, lush jungle, and rolling terrain is just as much fun for many of our clients. One of their favorite pastimes is to connect with their ‘inner cowboy’ and go horseback riding on our private stock of horses through the lush countryside.These guided tours can range anywhere from a leisurely stroll down a stunning country road to chasing/herding cattle through the tropical (and hilly) landscape of the surrounding Boca Chica landscape. Either end of that broad spectrum, and everything in between, includes fantastic views of the ocean and estuary along with great viewing opportunities of the local wildlife (including monkeys!) and birds.